A New Snapchat?

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So what annoys you most about YouTube?

I am sure like me its those advertising slots that get in the way of what you are trying to do. You are trying to watch a video about something but no, hang on…… wait – sometimes 5 seconds if you have the skip, other times… no we are going to annoy you a little longer… It just does not work, if you are going to get in the way of what your user is trying to do, it is going to get annoying.

Snapchat seem to realise this, so in their next update, they are removing the Media (Advertising) content from your Social stream so you can see your friends, your relationships, without the disturbance of ‘adverts’.  Seems a good idea, however the revenue is generated from advertising, will people bother to see the ‘Media’ side ? – we wait and see.

Here is the video from Evan Spiegel

What do you think?

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